Why has e mail become too much popular?

Nowadays, the e mail clients have come with well-enhanced features including the attachments, MIME support, and the address book. Here in the post, we are going to discuss all about the attractive feature of mailing service that could give you a better understanding of a well-added features of the program. According to the recent survey conducted it was found that 100% of users were satisfied with the mailing facility. It saves their time, efforts and costs as well. Day by day large numbers of users are creating their mailing account for communication purpose. This has also become and endless process.

Here are some of the features of mailing-
• Attachment- In the simple term we can say that attachment is an ability to attach the file with the message has become one of the most useful mailing features. Your attachment could be in the form of a word document, images, pictures, power point, video or audio file.
• Address book- This feature allows a user in storing all the information about the people with whom a user is communicating on a daily basis by sending the mails. It includes nick name, phone number, and mailing address. Using it allows us not to memorize email address, just choose the recipient to whom you want to send the mail.
• MIME- It allows a user in sending the file rather than a simple text. You can send PDF files, audio, document, videos and images as the attachment.
Reasons to use it-
• Send the reminder to self- If using more than account, you need to mail yourself the message from home to the work or even vice versa.
• Leverage- sending the same message to the number of people, an adaptation is simple. If you have a service to promote, mail is an effective way of getting the message to those easily.
These are the reasons for using e mail.

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