What are the different activities of free VPN server?

What is the activity of free VPN?
The free VPN can help you an individual or any enterprise in several ways without any expense.
• By unlocking content
• By hiding your IP
• By encrypting your data
• By saving your money
• By helping your torrent
You can unblock content:

For example, say you are the resident of France, but you wish to watch an interesting live show telecasting from London. You can never access the website, but with the help of VPN, you can do it easily. With the help of VPN, you can be able to change your geological location which will prove that you are belonging in the same region from where you are accessing the website though you are actually not living at that place presently.
The VPN also help you to unblock other several types of sites which have already been blocked by the government or ISP. This free OpenVPN will also help you to access the torrent sites even if it is being blocked by the countries to prevent criminal activity. Nowadays VPNs is the perfect solution for unblocking any content including for specific sites those are useful in school or colleges.
You can hide your IP address:
VPN can also hide your IP address by the same way of unlocking content. The IP address of you is same to your home address, and it will show only in our own device. The changing of your IP address is very much depended upon on which server you want to connect it. Your IP address can be hidden behind the server of VPN when you connect the same to a VPN and thus the ISPs, governments and hackers cannot view your real location.
You can save money;
With the help of free vpn server, you can be able to save lots of money while you are buying a hotel or train ticket just changing your IP address. This is possible because the websites change prices as per the location of your country.

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