Visiting barcelona ? Hire the best photographers with us

If you are going out on some trip or anything like that maybe it’s a honeymoon . You will be wanting to save the memories of that memorable trip so you can revive them whenever you want , you will never regret hiring us because we have the best quality photographer barcelona that will be working for you . Don’t worry about getting your photos lost her me and there because will send the hd quality photos to you online so that you can save them in whatever device you want or get them printed and hang them on the beautiful walls of your room .

Julia is the photographer you have wanting all the time for perfect portraits , everyone who appears in her picture has a highlighted personality than others. She holds many degrees in the field of photography , she completed a degree in Saint Petersburg University of Art and Culture, worked as a photographer for more than 10 years in Russia. She has already worked in many countries and her work has been given to all the popular magazines including Bitch magazine, Afi, PROMO, PUMP, BLNC , Scorpio Jin, Prolific, Feroce and more.

She loves to highlight the art and culture of the place where the photographs are being taken , so she recommends the town of barcelona with many small and nice streets and beautiful corners . She also recommends Zona alta which is a place with mountains , amazing villas and gardens . She can also speak in english including russian and spanish so conversation is not a problem .

You can check her work here on our website that contains amazing portraits, julia is a fun person who os too much passionate about photography you can have a great time working with her.Julia is a professional localgrapher and is ready to help you to capture your memories from barcelona. She is best photographer in and around barcelona ! Come to her !

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