UC Bowser download: The many different features present it discussed

After you have done the UC Bowser download, the various features will not at all disappoint you, which will be on offer for you. The latest feature, which you will find, is the in-app widgets. These widgets help in improving your browsing experience. A new feature, which has been added to the browser, is called cards. The different widgets present in the app are known as cards actually. You will be able to customize your home screen in accordance to what you prefer and then activate those widgets, which you think you will mostly require.

A new cloud based technology, is used for improving the loading time to a great extent. You will have the ability to either enable or disable this particular function, as you require. This feature will prove to be a tremendous help when you are browsing on the Internet by using your phone’s mobile data.
By use of the download manager, you will be able to set down the downloads which is happening at a particular period of time. The folder where you want the download to be done can also be set. You are going to get notifications through the UC Bowser as your download progresses. You can enable as well as disable this kind of notification.

UC Bowser download
There are lots of themes present in the UC browser, which will help you to edit a particular page in accordance to your liking. There are lots of themes to be used and you can change the page according to your personal tastes.
The different themes that you can use will be available online for you to download and use. The background color as well as the color of the texts in the browser can also be changed after you have made the UC Bowser download.