Spend your holidays in the adventures of tour raja ampat

Do you love adventurous trips? Do you want to enjoy the thrill of nature? If yes, tour RajaAmpat is just for you. You get to enjoy various types of adventure sports. Yes, some of them might be the one that you have never even heard of.

Some different adventure activities at tour Raja Ampat
The tour lets you enjoy different kinds of adventure sports. Even the ones thrill away your adrenaline. Here are some of the activities you should definitely try if you decide a tour RajaAmpat:
1. Diving – this is one adventurous sport that is most loved by the tourists. The best place for diving in Raja Ampat is the southern part of Waigeo. Although, there are many different spots to experience diving this is the one preferred by most.
2. Snorkeling – this is usually preferred by the tourists who do not go for diving. The activity takes place with all the precaution in order to prevent any mishappenings. This is loved by the people who are adventurous in nature.
3. Kayaking – this sport is not as famous as diving and snorkelling. The sport involves a special kind of boat in which only one person travels at a time. Many people love this sport as well.

4. Fishing – if you are a person who loves fishing and you have been to Raja Ampat then fishing is something you should definitely enjoy. The crystal clear water of the sea lets you enjoy real fishing in Raja Ampat.
5. Sailing– open trip raja ampat also includes the facility of providing you with an experience of sailing. However, the prices to hire a sailboat may be expensive for some. But, it is something worth the money. So, if that’s your first time you should definitely give it a try.

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