Sushi- the tasty way to stay healthy

Sushi is a very famous Japanese dish which consists of small balls or rolls of cold rice generally of vinegar flavor which is served with various types of garnishes. Some of the famous side serves with sushi is vegetables, raw sea food and eggs.

There are various types if sushi prepared all over the world but the main ingredient in it remains the same. The main ingredient is the vinegar sushi rice. However the rice used can be brown rice or white. It is generally served with seafood but there are many vegetarian version of it as well.
Earlier people believed that sushi is made up of raw ingredients only but it is not so. The typical sushi is prepared by combining vinegared rice with a raw fish called as sashimi. This ingredient is rolled in pressed seaweed paper which is also known as nori. This dish is served along with pickled ginger and soy sauce.
There are various types of sushi available and some of its most famous variants are:
• Chirashizushi- it is also called as scattered sushi. In this type of sushi the rice is served loosely in a bowl which is topped with raw fish and vegetables. It is easy to make and filling and is eaten generally during the month of March.
• Inarizushi- it is like a fried pouch of tofu filled alone with sushi rice. The shape of this type of sushi is said to resemble the ears of a fox. Other variant of inarizushi is the cone sushi. This includes carrots, beans and gobo along with the rice.
• Makizushi- this the most famous type of sushi. It is also known as rolled sushi. This sushi looks like cylindrical piece rapped in nori or omelet.
• Nigrizushi- it is another famous type of sushi and is also known as hand pressed sushi.
Sushi can be paired with cooked ingredients as well as fruits and has various health benefits.