The economics of satisfaction

For a layman to know the basic concept of satisfaction relates to the satisfaction of wants when the things to be purchased are finally purchased and the want is satisfied. But for some other person it is simply a quite different and complex concept to understand. For a customer behaving in anequilibrium it is essential to know the concept that utility derived from each and every unit of the good consumed provides satisfaction to the customer. The utility derived from each successive unit consumed by the customer means the marginal utility.

A rational customer continues to make successive purchase of the product of a particular kind till the marginal utility derived from the last unit consumed becomes equal to the price of the product. If the customer feels that marginal utility is greater than the price of the product than he purchases more of that product, but if the case is vice versa, the purchase too is vice versa.

Operating with the applicability of the same principal it can be said that the polaris slingshot rentalsoperates with simple application of the marginal utility and price concepts. The slingshot rental keep on focusing to increase the utility derived from each successive unit of the product so that the customers remain interested for keeping themselves interested to make successive purchase of the units of the product. Therefore, the business enterprise dealing with the slingshot rentals has decided to keep the product available for rent according to the needs and requirements of the person concerned and meeting up the expectations of fun with respect to price constraints of the same. The need to work according to the customer satisfaction means that marginal utility with the additional unit remains always higher than the price of the product and repeated sales can occur.