Our priority is to give the best customer service, that’s why we offer the most resistant and durable beam saw.

Big Base Tools offers placed on your map as a result of a professional vendor who using 27 years of experience in cabinetry work, mounted and redesigned who established that with the help of a larger edge in his 7-1 Or 4 skilsaw may incise (4 a 4s) a single pass.

At Big Foot we start making a living as carpenters and vessel owners, that is why we are even now a company associated with origin started out and focused by individuals of the woodworking industry, the designs tend to be efficient, secure, resistant and extremely safe, to help you bring the best to your operate.
Definitely, the tools come with an old-fashioned quality, which is not available in large box, so we like that. The priority has long been to maintain superb service and offer the best tools.
We have excellent distributors including Tool Resource San Diego, Florida K-119, Tools along with National Supplies, Acme Tools, US Securing Methods and some far more that you can find on our site http://bigfootsaws.com. We keep mailing blades; beam saw, Peashooter and kits every day so your supplier can offer a person original components. In case your distributor does not have these people, you can speak to the number we have placed on the site and we will contentedly indicate to get them.
All of our blades along with parts are strong enough to battle any perform condition, which will significantly advantage your projects in an easy way without affecting the quality.
Each and every Saw Massive Foot is constructed and put together by hand in america, and likewise all of us manually examine each completed saw to be sure it is nothing more than what we would like to use for the jobs. Each of our 10 ¼ found is supported by a full one full year warranty.
In Big Foot Tools we will be happy to help you get started.