Competition Clutch Makes Driver to win Car Race Competition

Clutch kit is a core system in an automotive vehicle which is related to its speed and performance. First time, dry single-plate clutch was used in automobile in 1893, but this was just an experiment until 1921 when its actual design made from sturdy friction materials was developed by an Englishman. The clutch was proved to be a useful component for automobile vehicles. The vehicles operating on manual transmission have to focus more on clutch pedal for driving the vehicle. The clutch has been modified and upgraded number of times since its invention. Standard clutch system works well in standard cars but not in motorsports cars where speed is the prime consideration and special motorsports clutch is fitted in these cars.

Why standard clutch is not successful in car racing
You know that in racing, the emphasis is on the performance with speed. The speed creates more friction which eventually generates excess heat. The standard clutch is not designed to withstand this high temperature and loses its life. You cannot get desired performance from the racing cars equipped with standard clutch kit. You might have heard of vintage car race, but participating cars in this race are antique cars that were manufactured many years ago when even concept of racing clutch was a dream. Vintage car race has its own uniqueness, but it not as thrilling like Formula One or any other speedtrack car racing. The participating cars in speedtrack car racing have unique design and manufacturing technology and most credit of winning in these competitions goes to the clutch kit fitted in these cars that maintain speed and performance of cars during the entire event.
What is special
The clutches manufactured by Competition Clutch have special design for special performance to provide maximum efficiency with the constant speed of even more than 200 mph for long duration that drives its driver to reach the finish line to win.

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