Curp-reasons to use it in Mexico

The curp is the special type of key of population registry which used an identity of a unique alphanumeric code of 18 characters. It is just like an identity for both Mexican citizens and residents of the whole country. It is a key population register of every place. It is same as a form that used registration tool for those people who live in the same national territory. With the help of this, you can count the Mexicans citizens and residents easily. It is assigned to every person for recording in the national population register.

Reasons to use curp:
It is used to reduce lots of paperwork and other official documents in Mexican republic. It also proves very useful in the tax returns. Mostly companies used it for getting a better record of their employees. It is also used in schools to get better control of students. Along with this, it is an also used in health centers, institutions, and applications for the passport. It provides lots of facilities in the Mexican republic. This key is giving to all the citizens and residents of Mexican territory. It is also granted to foreigners who were legally living in Mexico.

Some people thought that it is not necessary to keep with them all the time while they have a birth certificate, voters credential and much more. But they are wrong because it is must to keep it in your hand. It is very valuable document because it identifies the people in different registries in institutions and companies. Curp is the way by which you can get the legal residents in Mexico. It is very essential for both outgoing and ingoing persons. Eighteen numbers and elements are used in this key. It is provided in the form of unique numbers and elements. You can get it from curp government and registry offices.