How to achieve quality packaging of flowers in square boxes

If you are a florist, you will at some point in time ship flowers to your customers using a square flower box . But before you can ship flowers to your customers, you must first ensure quality packaging of the flowers. Quality packaging is very important because it can help prevent damage to flowers. To ensure quality packaging, you must assess your packaging needs first because this is an essential step of determining what is best for the flowers you will be transporting or shipping to your customers. The first consideration you will have to make to determine the best square flower box to use is weight.

As far as weight is concerned, you should consider the durability and strength of the square flower box. A good box should have the capacity to hold the weight of the flowers securely until they reach their destination. Secondly, the shape and size of the flower box must be considered to ensure quality packaging. Since you will be using a square flower box, make sure that the size of the box is appropriate. In simple terms, ensure that the flowers do not touch outer walls of the flower box. The square shape of the box is better than a rounded or odd-shaped box since such a box will need more attention.
Thirdly, understand that flowers are high value goods. As such, the flowers may require extra protection and cushioning when shipping to customers. Perhaps an important factor to consider is final use of the square flower box. On this regard, you must ask yourself whether the boxes must be retail ready upon delivery. If the boxes should be retail ready, then it means that you must ensure that markings on the boxes are avoided. In general, flowers require special packaging when being shipped to the end users. Therefore, choose your packaging wisely and make it more appealing.