Children’s debit card – an innovative financial service for your children

Winning, saving and spending money responsibly is the traditional monetary values that we are all taught in our homes and that we must pass on to our children, a task that is not always easy. However, tools designed so that young people can have an easy and practical financial education from an early age have now emerged.

This is the case of Nimbl or GoHenry, childrens debit card that come to make life easier for all those parents who worry about how their children spend their money and if they do it safely, especially in the case of the little ones. Managing cash is often the biggest concern.
Go Henry reviews of parents satisfied with the service invite others to use an instrument that, they say, has helped their children understand money.
The GoHenry debit card is designed for young people between 6 and 18 years old and with the collaboration of Visa. In addition, it has an excellent parental control system which you can configure online or through your mobile application.
Through your website you can open an account for your child (without having a credit card) and wait 7 business days for your card. During activation, you can establish automatic money transfers and set daily or weekly spending limits for your child; in this way you ensure that you will never incur debts or overdrafts.
You can also decide where you can use them, whether online, in stores or at ATMs. Real-time notifications allow you to also know when you spend the money. For greater security and in case of loss you can block or unblock the card when it deems convenient.
This way your child can use their money anywhere they see the Visa logo but always within the established rules, even abroad. It is the best tool to control the finances of your children.
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