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Every people have their own favorite celebrity about whom they want to know more and more. People mostly wanted to know about the net worth of the celeb because it is one of the most important topics. Among it, they also come to know about the journey of their celeb. In which they get the idea that from where they have started their journey and now they get listed in the list of most net worth gaining celeb.

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As we all know that several different celebrities use to charge amount for every single activity. These charges help in creating their net worth. Celebrities charge amount for their shows and movies or from other concerts, and this helps them in making their strong net worth. Now when we have a look at online then there we will find several names of the celebrities. They all have huge numbers of house and cars which are counted as the assets for the celebrity and which is termed as a part of their net worth.
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From the world of harry potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with Harry Potter being in the protagonist role comprised of several characters in the fiction world itself who were all courageous, determined and hard working for realizing their dreams under the dark penumbra casted by The Dark Lord Voldemort. Similarly, the real world is characterized by the presence of people who owe their lives a great deal for presenting them with the toughest of the conditions to face honing up the skills of courage and determinations and learning to keep under calm and patience cover. This has been the reality of two headmasters of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry named Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape who were portrayed by Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman who in their acting career saws many upsets and uprisings too, to be able to generate the celebrity net worth of $ 15 million and $ 1 million respectively.

Common instances
With life showing the most horror situations to fight against and prove individuality, the admission into the acting institutes and working for many small roles in several stage acts gave these guys some sort of experience that they used well to mature up their acting skills and become two of the richest celebrities of the world. It is due to the website http://richestcelebrities.org that the richest celebrities’ bio is being used as an inspirational story for those who have lost the motive of their lives.

Like the Harry Potter character in the fiction world too where he paved his own way with his extreme courageous acts and saved The Wizarding World from The Dark Lord, these two characters paved their own paths rising form the lowest ranks of the society and proving their mettle in the world that has been characterized by the presence of extreme competition spree.