Top 2 Advantages of Using Bongs under $100

Bongs under $100 have a host of other benefits as compared to smoking directly or through other mediums. This article is all about telling you the various advantages of using a bong over other accessories.
They are fashionable to look at
Bongs are a thing of beauty. You must have at one point or the other just stopped whatever you had been doing and admired the beauty that is a bong. Bongs not only save your throat from infections but can accentuate the beauty and aesthetics of your living room.

It is tough finding a bong that does not look good because no matter at what price point you are looking at, you will always find a bong that is an eye candy. The best thing about the aesthetics of a bong and Grinders , an electronic smoking pen, is that they look like royalty and hence, they can easily gel well with the surroundings.
They are very easy to maintain
It is not much of a task maintaining a bong or any other smoking accessory like say Dab rigs for that matter of fact. The whole process is simple and can be done by anyone. All you need to do is replace the water in the container of the bong every time you see it changing to darker colors. Yes, maintaining a bong is that simple.
Additionally, you can clean the various parts of a bong once in a while when they start getting black. By doing all these, not only are you protected from any harmful particle that might be present inside the bong but are also able to maintain the aesthetics of the bong.
The parts of the water pipe can be cleaned using a dishwasher if you are feeling lazy or directly with water and soap. Since the maintenance is done by you and is hassle free, do not have to worry about recurrent costs and expenditures for maintaining a bong.