Interior Glaze, the best secondary glazing service in London

Interior Glaze is the best company specialized in secondary glazing London. The system consists of two pieces of laminated glass of 6.4mm of thickness, in addition to a plastic in the middle that is very difficult to break, which offers greater security. The aluminum extrusion used to manufacture the windows is so thin that it is barely noticeable, which gives them a very aesthetic appearance without affecting their quality.

Double-glazed windows can reduce sonic pollution by up to 80%, but in addition, its great efficiency in thermal insulation can help you reduce your heating bill considerably, by up to 10% per year.

Secondary glazing products include hinged opening windows, removable secondary glass windows, sliding panel windows and sash, framed or arched windows, all very appropriate in residential and commercial buildings. Additionally, the exact preferences of the client can be met in terms of the colors and style of the windows.

All Interior glaze secondary glazing windows are made of the best quality aluminum, designed to fit all types of residential and commercial properties and are excellent as thermal and acoustic insulation, extremely durable and very low maintenance. In addition, all products are guaranteed for ten years.

All fabricated designs are shown on the page, indicating in detail the dimensions, components and aluminum extrusions of each secondary double glazing window. In addition, they offer customized and combined designs to adapt to the preferences of the clients.

Through the website of the company Interior Glaze (, you can fill out a form with the specifications of your needs and make your consultation completely free. The team is highly trained to respond to all your concerns and inform you about all the products they offer.