GERES GmbH is an active globally active company

GERES GmbH which is active company placed globally. The Group GERES has equity with foreign investors of USA. With foreign partners, GERES has invested the grid connection and project as well. The full form of the company is Company, Development, Regenerative, Energy, and System. It was first started in the year 1995 the two managing directors of the company are Norbert Weinman and Carmen Weinman.

Norbert Weinman the MD of GERES
• GERES is basically a company related to development and utilization of renewable energy system. Potential sites are evaluated so that the planning can be carried on
• For installing wind park as well as Grid connection. All the wind turbines are from Enercon, the company who is a partner also.
• In Germany alone, GERES is having a capacity of 100MW of 54 parks. And it is planning much more.
• According to environmental impact assessment act, the legal requirements are failed. Norbert Weinman, the MD of the company GERES GmbH, is being threatened to overrule the rules of conservation and environmental.

As per the Mayor financial setback
• The city will lose revenue which is being generated from Wind Park, as due to legal issues, the installation will be shut down.
• The fund is considered to be a part of municipal debt relief fund by the Municipal contribution. The existing capacities would be unnecessarily wasted.
• The presence of numerous red kites, so GERES are requested to stop the wind park which is against the federal nature conservation act.
• The animal right activist said that mice which are poisoned are found. They also said that wind power is also linked with mountain areas.
• There is a legal issue due to illicit use of poison. GERES Weinman collaborated to go for this investment which is at stake, though great achievement of the citizen of the society.