What actually is game of thrones?

Many people wonder what Game of thrones is, some just hear the name and they do not know what it is. Some think it is simply a game that can be downloaded for any kind of gadget and played as one wants, but it is not. Game of thrones season is simply a TV series that has been created to entertain people, and is in still ongoing in production. Some adults call it the Harry Porter for the grownups. It came out in the year 2011, in the month of April, in 2015, the fifth season was released, and since the year of production, ten episodes have been released in every season of the movie. Some people have said that the GoT (Game of thrones) is a movie filled with fantasies; this is indeed true, as most movies are simply our own way of fantasizing things. Movies are not rated based on what year they came out; some are rated based on the number of viewers and audience that it attracts.

All seasons of game of thrones have attracted a lot of viewers and people that give their all to movie; there are some group of individuals that cannot wait until they see a new movie that is out. Some go as far as watching it with their money from the cinema and later buying it from producers to have it watched by them at home. Most movies, though not produced by people in that locality have been watched by people all around the world. This is the case for GoT, GoT has really kept the degree of fantasy low, unlike other movies and this has made it the choice of both young and old. Everybody wants to watch it, simply because it is more realistic and has a touch of history in all of its episodes.