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Cypress Semiconductor Streamlines Touch screen Design

R&D engineers in Cypress are producing simulation programs that streamline their camera design procedures. Cypress Semiconductor Corp. is the leading provider of smart phone touch screen and touch-sensing alternatives. Their simulation engineers are currently sharing their simulation experience with colleagues using the Application Builder and COMSOL Server, launched with COMSOL Multi physics simulation software version 5.

Together with the Program Builder, engineers are producing ready-to-use simulation software which may be used across sections, such as byproduct development, revenue, and client service. The Program Builder offers simulation specialists with the capability to construct intuitive simulation programs based in their models directly inside the COMSOL surroundings, and COMSOL Server enables them discuss these programs with colleagues and clients around the world. This incorporated program design environment is a first inside the area of simulation and modeling.
Simulation Apps Boost R&D in Cypress
To integrate cutting-edge improvements into touch screen technologies and embedded system products, simulation engineers in Cypress utilize COMSOL for research and design projects. Their touch screens are used in phones and mp3 devices, industrial and automotive programs, home appliances, and much more.
“There are just two classes of COMSOL users in Cypress: a single set of R&D engineers that make models and perform development work, and one which functions on the customer care side,” explained Peter Vavaroutsos, a part of this touch screen modeling team at Cypress. “This second set of consumers might want to conduct simulations for a specific client’s situation, but they aren’t simulation software specialists and do not know all of the intricacies of preparing a model correctly.”