The Outdoor Scene, the best Weber Barbecue collection

For the most enthusiastic outdoor cookers, buying a barbecue grill of good quality is a necessary investment. Brands such as Weber Barbecue, Broil King and Beefeater are the best on the market, popular for their recognized quality. In The Outdoor Scene, they know it and that is why they have become the main BBQ storekeeper in BBQ Dublin .

The store has the complete range of Weber barbecues, including the popular and innovative Weber Q1200, WeberQ2200 and the Spirit S320, but also the more versatile designs of the Broil King with cooking systems that enhance your dining experience. Also, from small and compact models to large-scale Beefeater barbecue.
Whether you prefer a barbecue charcoal grill (charcoal) gas or wood, in The outside Scene you will find one that suits all your preferences, including accessories and covers necessary for your comfort.
If you’re looking to incorporate a more traditional system to your garden, a wood-fired oven can be the ideal option. They look fabulous in outdoor spaces and are great for cooking pizzas, but they also serve as a source of heat during the winter.
To make the most of your outdoor entertainment space, The Outside Scene also offers a wide range of garden furniture, flower pots and artificial plants, awnings, heating and outdoor lighting and advice on the design of your garden as in the assembly of your new barbecue or oven.
The best prices other than the best quality can only be found here, do not wait any longer and visit us through our website where you will find the different types of barbecues with modern designs to choose the best for you. The staff is highly committed to offering the best customer service, meticulously attending your orders and answering all your questions. You can make your purchases online through the website and will have a free shipping service on orders exceeding 185 euros.

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