How to Migrate to Canada Out Of USA

Now Immigration has Become among the resources for ameliorating the market of the nation. With the constant inflow of immigrants, the nations have begun to consider it among the generators of extended period gain. Out of the entire group of immigrants that the category of these investors are those who have the ability of creating a direct constructive contribution to the country as they arrive. Considering this truth that the countries have begun broadening their measures in order to boost the inflow of people needing to migrate as investors. Canada that has ever been an enjoyed destination of these immigrants has also taken steps in this way.

Qualification factor
The quebec immigrant investor program aims at bringing the seasoned business people who’ll be beneficial in creating a powerful and booming market of the nation. But to immigrate as an investor to Canada, there are particular rules under the Immigrant Investor Program that a migrant must stick to:
• Must possess two decades of company expertise.
• Must possess a minimum net worth of C$1,600,000 lawfully obtained.
• Must have the ability to generate an investment of C$800,000
• Must have the ability to show of getting sufficient money to support himself and his dependents following the arrival in Canada.
• Must have the ability to pass the medical and safety checks together with his loved ones.
• Must have the ability to fulfill different requirements of the regulations.
Steps for implementing
There Are Particular steps that a Possible migrant must follow while employing as an immigrant investor to Canada:

Antigua and Barbuda economic citizenship by investment options

Antigua and Barbuda economic citizenship by investment is another best option. The families and investors can immediately apply for the citizenship and obtain their passport ones their application get approved. If the documents are valid for the initial period of at least five years then you can easily apply. You are not required to travel to Antigua till the application form is processing on the other hand; you are not required to reside in the country permanently. Deprivation of citizenship can occur if the applicant does not reside or spend at least five years in Barbuda and Antigua after obtaining the citizenship.

If in case they do not spend at least five years in Antigua and Barbuda then you will not be entitled to repay any investment, purchase or contribution price made on the application form of the Antigua and Barbuda economic citizenship. Further, deprivation can also occur when the registration obtained by the citizen by any false representation or willful concealment convicted in Antigua. There are various investment options available to take the citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda.
Real estate investment
A minimum of USD 100,000 real estate property should be purchased or invested by the government approved shares. The investment should be kept for at least five years where the investor should pay few additional fees and taxes.

Schedule fees for the single applicant:
• $40,000= investment
• $50,000= government fees
• $7,500= application fee and due diligence
Business investment
Another option available for the applicant to take the Antigua and Barbuda economic citizenship by investment is business and that too pre-approved by the cabinet. Cabinet follows the recommendations given by the ABIA that in turn recommend after they consult the CIU. You can choose to invest as multiple investor or single investor. If you invest as a single investor, then you must invest at least USD 1.5 million and if you are investing with your partner or family member then you must invest USD 5 million.