Boruto 1

The first boruto anime episodes series begins with all the explanation of the way by which the nine tailed demon fox arrived to be sealed inside of Naruto. The fourth Hokage, along with a lot of the Konoha village ninja, died to detain the beast. Almost anything relating to this beginning series will perform an important role later on in the anime. For now though, it is a good explanation for why the other villagers shun Naruto.

Now, Naruto is unaware of the demon fox inside of him. He does not understand why he is disliked by all of the villagers. Animosity to the nine-tailed beast was turned toward Naruto although years have passed, and most of the villagers seem to him as if he himself killed their family members.
Naruto does badly in college. His ninja test is failed by him for being unable to make a sufficient clone of himself. Ironically, although he can not clone himself, nor create a replication of his sensei, he’s already perfected the sexy no jutsu, one of his trade mark jutsus that he uses through the entire series.
After a failure the ninja test, one of the other teachers of Naruto, Mizuki, in-forms Naruto that if he steals the scroll that is sealing and learns a few of the jutsu within that he can pass his ninja test. Being nave and youthful, practice the jutsu and Naruto goes to steal the scroll. The search for Naruto is once word of this gets out.
Mizuki and Iruka discover Naruto and battle on the scroll. Many brief speeches that were convincing get on each individual part, attempting to persuade the scroll to be handed within by Naruto. While Iruka just wants to get it straight back for the village Mizuki desires it for his own evil purposes. Naruto learns that he’s the demon nine-tailed fox now understands why he’s shunned by the village and sealed inside of him.

How can you watch boruto episodes online?

Today the numbers of new serials are telecast on the TV. The number of people loves to watch the new serial named as boruto. This is animated cartoon serial for the kids to watch in their free time. The number of children has become the fan of this serial. Today the thousands of children are watching the program with full of thrills and enthusiasms. If you are the one who is not getting time to watch it because of the coaching class, extra studies or part time job, just watch it via online. No doubt you can watch boruto online on the internet. The latest technology makes you to watch the best serial through the internet in your free time. Thus you can enjoy the show without missing the episodes.
Here are some steps to follow in watching the serial via online-
Search on the web for its official website-
To watch boruto episodes on the internet, you must have to necessarily make a search on the internet for its official website. You will only see all the episodes sequential form on the official website only. There you will see many sites of the same name, in spite of getting more confused make sure that you choose only the official site only to watch the episodes of high quality.
Clicking on the episode-
There on the official website of the serial boruto you will see the entire telecasted serial sequentially. The serial episode that you have missed watching can be easily watched by clicking on the particular episode. You can easily watch any of the serials from there in the free hours without facing any issues.
Make sure to have adobe flash player-
Make sure that your computer or laptop has the adobe flash player. If you do not have it, you will not be able to watch the serial online. Thus you can easily watch boruto.