Pokemon Go: How to Find and Catch Lugia

Our guide makes sure that you won’t need to beg to grab this bird of prey in Pokemon Go.
Developer Niantic Labs thrilled Pokemon Go lovers before this weekend by rolling out Legendary Raids, particular events which pit your group of merry creatures against some of the toughest–and rarest–Pokemon in the game. Lugia, a silver-and-blue bird which rose to notoriety after it graced the cover of Pokemon Silver Game Boy Color, is just one such legendary pocket creature. Catching Lugia is not a simple undertaking. However there are steps you can take to bring Pokemon Go Promo Codes .

How to Catch Lugia in Pokemon Go
If you would like to find Lugia, then you are going to need to find a Legendary Raid. Consult with a game display and go to a health club when and at which these events occur. Each Legendary Raid centers onto a significant struggle against a mythical Pokemon, a few of the most powerful in the full game. If Lugia is called as your boss, then you will have an opportunity to catch it in the close of the battle. Obviously, you are going to need to make it that way first.
The best way to get a Legendary Raid is to get along with friends beforehand. Not only a few, possibly: gamers that have defeated raids are reporting going in with over a dozen coaches. Coordinate with your band to ensure each of you sets their very best Pokemon on the front lines. Lugia and other famous Pokemon have thousands of hit points, so prepare you for the epic brawl.
Similar to any other conflict, you are going to win this one by being ready. While Lugia takes decent damage from many types, it is particularly vulnerable to Rock, Ghost, Black, Electric, and Ice Pokemon. Be certain that you bring together items that increase your probability of capturing Lugia following the conflict, for example Golden Razz Berries.
How to Utilize Lugia
Every Legendary Pokemon which Niantic added into Pokemon Go includes exceptions, and Lugia is… well, no exclusion. Lugia cannot be delegated to guard among your health clubs, but it excels in major attacks against rival health clubs.
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