No more double coincidence of wants

The times have gone where the double coincidence of wants triggered any exchange mechanism between any two commodities. For two commodities to be traded between two parties, there shall be the need and desire to have the counterpart’s commodity at the exchange of own commodity. This is really difficult to find out for the reason that it is nearly impossible to find a person who wants to exchange good 1 for good 2 that another person possesses, and the latter person also wants to exchange good 2 for good 1.

The times when the owner of a good could find a person who wants his good and possesses the thing that he wants may be really difficult to find, therefore there shall be a medium by which the things can be exchanged. To keep the thins stored at one place, and thus provide money as a medium of exchange for the goods that need to be bought may be a nice way to facilitate the exchange mechanism.

Therefore, it is what is bicoin doing. What is bitcoin doing may not be expressed in mere words for the reason that the deeds are remarkably astonishing, and can only be learnt when dealt with it. Simply the way to know what is bitcoin is doing is dealing in bitcoins with ease, and getting some trade out of these. Then only it may be possible to derive the benefits of such an incredible invention of the humans. The stores can thus be made for the things that have to be exchanged, and payment in the terms of bitcoin be made in order to provide a liquidity to the holders of the bitcoin. Bitcoin can be really helpful when these can be exchanged for nearly everything over this planet.

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