Maria Victoria Henao for years was in the shadow of her husband’s criminal empire.

After enjoying a life of luxury and comfort the wife of the biggest drug trafficker who has known the history of Latin America, Maria Victoria Henao, she fled from justice with her two children and took refuge in Argentina where she started working as a real estate agent, with only 13 years of age and with the displeasure of her parents she started a relationship with Pablo Escobar, she, like the Colombian-born, they married after two years of being together, at the early age of seventeen she married her boyfriend more than ten years older than her, although this difference in age did not seem to be a problem for both of them. Maria from a Colombian family had two brothers, one of whom worked with Pablo and was the one who introduced them. Despite the criminal activity of Pablo and his many adventures outside of marriage, Maria Victoria was always with her husband until her death in 1993 at the hands of the Colombian Police. Pablo and Maria had two children, the eldest Juan Pablo was born the year after the wedding and then the daughter of the couple was born, baptized as Manuela, born in 1984.

Maria Victoria Henao remained with her husband and children during his reign as drug lord and during the beginning of his fall until his death, he juggled to escape from Colombia where they were wanted and persecuted for the crimes of Escobar’s clan, after to ask for asylum in several countries and not be granted had to change their names, she happened to be called Maria Isabel Santos Caballero finally settled in Argentina where she worked as a real estate agent and reaped a small fortune and enjoyment of esteem until one of her associates she discovered who she was and after being denounced she was taken to prison to leave for lack of evidence, since then nothing else is known about Maria Victoria Henao.

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