Is the first impression really the last impression?

The old saying and why it isn’t so
Your first impression is your last impression; goes the old saying. I however do not believe in this saying myself. It is important that giving a good impression to the person in front of you is important and we should do everything we need to do in order to make sure that the other person has a good opinion of us and is comfortable in working together with us. However, this impression can only be established after repeated actions of good will and multiple meetings.

I am not of the view that a single meeting (that too the very first) is enough for one to give a good impression of himself or herself to anyone in question. It is only natural that people make mistakes and they might often end up making mistakes in the first meeting thus leaving a poor impression of himself or herself. Even if that is not the case and someone actually manages to make a good impression of oneself, it would only be part of his image and cannot be a complete statement of his overall personality. It is unfair to both the person trying to build an impression and the person who is the subject of this effort for the very first impression to be a judging criterion. A person should be given a few chances to prove himself or herself and to make a proper impression of himself and also so that the person building an opinion can make a proper judgment as well.

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