How To Select The Best Penis Extender

When trying to select a penis extender, ensure that you keep the following tips in mind:
Select a penis extender that has spring-loaded tension screws for just the correct level of traction. You’ll have to readjust the traction levels of the stretcher after some time as your penis size will increase bit by bit over a period of time. Hence, make sure that you have extension rods available to add bigger increments to the penis stretcher’s length and tension screws for little increments in length.
Always choose a comfort strap design penis stretcher as it is more comfortable and gets rid of any possibility of slippage during use. A comfort strap also enables extended usage of the penis stretcher without blocking the flow of blood to your penis. More blood flow results in bigger penis size in the long run.

Tips for Using a Penis Extender

When you begin using the penis stretcher, you’ll have to allow your penis to get habituated to the feeling of penis stretching by gradually increasing the time of its use. This is better known as a break in period. Once you get to the break-in period, you should stress on stretching your penis to Bone Pressed Erect Length (BPEL).
The gains in penis size beyond this level will be lasting in nature. However, ensure that you don’t overdo the penis stretching just to hasten the entire procedure. Any such hurry can lead to undesired pain and harm to the penis. As a matter of fact, you must take one or two days break as soon as you feel any uncomfortableness in your penis. Learn more at

What is a Penis Extender?

Penis stretcher is a device that can be attached to your penis. You’ll be required to wear it for a fixed number of hours every day.

Can a penis stretcher cause injury to your penis?

A penis stretcher can cause injuries to one’s penis if it has been made from the inferior quality material. It is important that you avoid using any type of DIY penis stretcher or a homemade penis stretcher. A penis enlargement device should be manufactured and used under strict supervision and with the guidance of medical experts and doctors.

Are there any other risks associated with penis extenders?

Well, if we talk about risks, even the natural penis exercises are not free from drawbacks. However, what is important is that you follow all penis enlargement methods strictly adhering to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. One very important thing: never buy an inferior quality penis stretcher.

How much does a penis stretcher cost?

You can head on to the approved manufacturers’ websites from our penis stretcher reviews pages and find out different price ranges. However, in general, they cost anywhere between $120 to $300. Whatever your decision, ensure that you have carried out enough research before deciding on any particular penis extender.

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