How to run/manage a good Runescape server

In this tutorial I (Raw Envy) will probably be going through everything that is vital for a good and productive RSPS. I’ll be adding everything, from the site, to your server along with the way you run things! Before I have managed and become the owner of several large servers, such as my existing server so you’ll be getting information from a person who knows what they’re doing.

Server requirements:
To begin with I’m going on the server requirements that are indispensable to make a good server. So the best method to do this is if I only give you the right important details bullet pointed and potential expand on several elements of them.

Good content- this is a fairly clear one but good articles is really a essential and it provides the players a lot to perform in-game. Not only will good content do so, it is also going to bring you into more gamers if your server has a reputation of getting good and distinctive content that other servers absence.

Uniqueness- create your own server have things which no additional server does, should making your server exclusive to other people then folks will come across this really interesting and wish to remain.

Regular updates- gamers really like to be aware that the game is progressing with its material and is not just going to remain exactly the same, people like adjustments to be produced and more developments to the per present content that’s available.

Server up-time- this is a MUST in regards to hosting a server, I personally learnt this the hard way if my server has been in a peak of 350 players and that I began having actual up-time troubles. Be certain that your up-time is as near 100 percent as it could be! Whenever your server is down and gamers wish to get on and play, then they might search for a different server in the mean time. .

Well thought out- believe in the opinion of the participant in all aspects of game play, everything has to be just right for the own players. Also enable your community to devote as much input as they can! This may be accomplished from hosting material polls, other surveys, allowing them provide opinions and also by interacting together to find out what they want.

Listen to the gamers- a prosperous server needs to go with what the gamers need rather than what you or some other of those staff/management staff desire!

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