How consumers use Facebook when engaging with brands

Companies use Facebook to offer customer services. Consumers also use Facebook because they consider it to be the fastest way of getting help from their favorite brands and even engaging with the brands. For brands to be successful with customer engagement on Facebook, they need to understand ways in which consumers use this social media channel. Customer engagement on social media is growing and unless brands discover how to take advantage of it, they stand to lose a lot. Customers use social media to engage with brands in different ways. For example, they will ask for Course Hero refund if they feel as if services offered to them were below par or were never delivered at all.

When customers seek help from their brands through Facebook, they always expect to get a response as fast as possible. If this fails in one way or the other, some customers start feeling as if the brand is not serving their best interests and consider looking for services elsewhere. As noted, consumers use Facebook because they consider it to be the fastest social media network to solve their issues. When a customer interacts with a brand on Facebook by saying that “Hi, I requested a refund for 11 months… – Pvabhat Deshravu | Facebook”, the customer is basically seeking answers as to why they have not been refunded despite putting a request for the refund for 11 months.
Using Facebook to seek for customer services is highly considered by many customers in place of free toll numbers. Facebook enables customers to write down how they feel about the company. It also offers them a way of seeking help through images and videos. A customer can also put in a Facebook request for refund from Course Hero if the customer has changed his/her mind about a product or service offered by the brand. Through Facebook, customers are able to speak with customer care representatives and get feedback fast.

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