Fidget cube – a useful desk toy for fidgets?

If you are addicted to fidgeting hands like clicking a pen, moving the joystick, flattening light switches and tapping your feet while focusing on work then, you are a fidgeted. fidget toys is an appropriate device for you. There is a different exciting fidgeting function on the each side of the cube. It’s a profitable device for giving your hands movements and baled your mind too focused. It is available in different colours in the market.

Unique features of each side of the fidget cube
Before buy fidget cube you should know about its features. Each cube has six sides with a special feature:
• There are three clicker buttons and two silenced buttons on the first side of the cube to satisfy the coworkers and students. Two silenced buttons are for those who don’t like noise.
• The second side is glide with a button. You can enjoy and be satisfied by moving it. It’s useful for students and working professionals who have a habit of doing something during their works and meetings.
• The third side stands for flipping. If you are interested in allowing silence, click it slowly. And for audible click, you have to press it quickly.
• The fourth side is known as breathe, designed for the satisfaction from anxiety. It has a small thumb-sizedindentation.You can rub it and stay away from the effect of stress.
• The fifth side has three gears and a rolling ball, that’s why it is named as rolling. It has amazing rolling movements and satisfying the fidgets.
• The last side is for spinning. It has a circular dial to spin again and again at any time. It’s a mind-blowing way to focus on your work.
Playing with fidget cube affects the mind psychologically. You can also buy fidget cube online.

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