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Course Hero is the best resources for astudy where tutors are asked for help to do homework. This is a website to empower students and will educators to get success in their field. Academician and students and share a common platform to access study material. You must know about what is crowdsourcing before knowing about course hero. In organisations or any individual, use contribution from the online sources to get some ideas and service. It can be for non-commercial work which will develop some common goods.

Urban Dictionary: Course Hero how related to crowdsourcing
• Crowdsourcingis basically included a mixture of bottom up and down processes. Lego ideas come from crowdsourcing the ideas beyond the base of minds.
• It can do the multi-task and micro-task by paid and parallel crowds. Outsource work to the crowd. It can be referred as a production model and problem-solving online resources.
• Urban Dictionary: Course Hero, is the popularly known place to find out words about slangs. Teens use it as burn book.
• Under this dictionary, users mock people and life too and consider themselves as an intellectual, which hardly seems to be smart.
The functions and features
• Micropublishing educational port, where educators distribute their study materials, through this education portal.
• The practice materials syllabus, flashcards, and videos related to education are uploaded and class notes and guides also.
• The user usually uploads their materials and become a member and the other way is to buy the subscription. Once you are a member, you can access website material.
The background of the website
During 2006Andrew Grauer at Cornell University has laid the foundation for this website. Course Hero Urban Dictionary, which is launched to share notes, study materials, assignments and exams for the college students. Contents should be properly accessible and indexed to avail it at your convenient.

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