Ceiling air condition solution with split climates

From the tiny things to large item, science making it more innovative and every day it is developing much more. Technology makes all the things advanced and all are growing rapidly. For the household items, there is a huge development of the necessary things and one of the best innovations is split climates (split klímák) and their application.

Why do you choose split climates?
The main reason for choosing of split climate is the advantage of it over an ordinary air conditioner. It gives you total room solution like climate control, moisture absorbs, and noise reduction etc. for you and it is much worthy to buy a split climate product. Choosing a split climate air solution is economical also due to its usage.
Split climate air conditioner
In case want to place your air conditioner in the ceiling or in the parapet, there is a big solution in split climates system. Ceiling or Parapet Air Conditioner and Cassette Air Conditioners are the best solutions for the home or office air improvement.

• Parapet/Ceiling Air Conditioner- Both this type of air conditioner is very much popular, who wants to hang it on top of his/her room or in the floor and these almost look flat in design and have air deflection is flexible. Another advantage of this ac is its cooling power is much higher than an ordinary AC. Another advantage is there is no need for extra space for the equipment.
• Cassette Air Conditioner- one thing about a Cassette Air Condition is it need suspended ceiling to mount it and there is no extra occupy in the room. The air flow is fixed and it is efficient for the larger room.
Advantage of it
Because of its split unit, there is no noise in the indoor and room temperature can be controlled in a bigger place with less energy consumed. Both this split climates unit used in the office and in the large room places like auditorium places with the extra outlet. Choosing of this type of air controller is economical enough.

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