Blues Revivals, Pop Music Influences

Every couple of years a person rediscovers the blues. Pop music, which things you hear on many commercial radio stations, is a business. The concept is to earn a lot of money by selling songs just like it was toothpaste. You find something everybody likes and then have competitive products which are somewhat different but all basically do the identical thing and although they taste somewhat different not enough distinct to irritate anybody. That is pop music.

Now and again the people gets fairly tired of the exact same old material and pop songs requires a little kick in the pants. Rediscovering some older form of American songs most people have forgotten about and make it out because the upcoming new thing does the trick. It might be Country or Jazz or Bluegrass, but very often it’s the Blues.

The distinction between pop songs and genre songs such as the Blues is that there’s a far smaller crowd for the genre music, but that crowd is obviously very faithful, maintaining it going while others dismiss it. Blues, being the very origin of origins music, is a clear choice to add inspiration from if things are getting somewhat stale and it is always there in the background just waiting to be discovered.

At the first half of the twentieth century a lot of their very popular music has been Blues established or at least profoundly influenced by it. By Big Band Swing to Jazz to Country songs, bluesrevue played a significant part in their developments.

You will find many so-called “Blues Revivals” at the past half of the twentieth century. The latest major one was at the mid 1980’s when there was a surprising explosion of new Blues societies and festivals throughout the USA. Whenever these revivals occur it usually means the enthusiast base of their music is expanded by the inclusion of people that come from different genres that grow to observe similarities between the things they enjoy and the Blues. Often times it’s these new people who determine how that the music will require in order for it to reach a broader audience.

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