All You Should Know About Screw Compressor (Vidali Kompresör)

A screw compressor(vidalı kompresör) is used widely in industrial applications where air compression is needed. It basically uses a couple of screws for compressing the air. The screws are driven through synchronized gears to compress the gas by reducing clearance between threads. Screw ends then let the gas to pass through.

These compressors usually do not need any kind of spring suspension due to the compact design they have and their smooth running. Besides, they do not vibrate as well. As a result, less maintenance is needed and they don’t make much of noise too.

Even though a consumer-grade screw compressor (vidalı kompresör) can be found, they’re used widely in the commercial settings. Typically, they are used for powering those heavy construction machines.

One thing that confuses many about these compressors is how oil-free compressors are different from the oil-flooded ones. Well, the models that are oil free usually have low psi discharge. They are more appropriate for the low-end jobs and are referred to as consumer-grade compressors. However, you can also find oil-free units, which can produce a bigger psi, producing 2000 cubic feet outputs per minute.

The oil-flooded models, on the other hand, usually have higher psi levels of compressed air for sealing. Besides, for providing cooling for gas charge, oil is injected into cavities of such a screw compressor (vidalı kompresör). It is, however, kept separated from discharge stream at the time of cooling. Afterwards, it is filtered and then recycled back to the unit. In these screw compressors, there are five major reasons as to why oil is used. It actually cleans, lubricates, cools, protects and seals. So, it produces air/oil compressed mixture, which then flows into separator tank in which they are separated. The primary separation is a mechanical one that is done through a filter. Oil can further be removed through centrifugal force.

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