A guideline about how you can install wall stickers

wall stickers (wandaufkleber) are easy to apply, and it is pretty cheap. People often worry about the wall that the paint will come off after applying the sticker. But, it is not true as wall stickers do not harm the wall. It will give your wall an elegant look.

Here is the step by step guideline about how to apply wall stickers
• You need to clean the wall:
Before applying this sticker, you should clean the wall as there can be dust. For the dust, the sticker cannot stick to the wall easily. You have to clean the wall carefully and the entire portion where the sticker will be applied. You can wipe the wall with a wet cloth first then clean it with a dry cloth after that. Make sure there is not dust on the wall.
• Place the wall sticker properly with the help of a tape:
When you are sure that your wall is clean then place the wall sticker properly where you want to place it and secure the sticker with the help of tapes. You can measure the place with the help of your eyes and understand where it will look best. You can remove the tapes if you think it is not suitable.

• Remove the back side:
Once you have determined the place where you want to install your stickers and secured them with tapes, remove the backing carefully and slow. Make sure you do not tear the sticker. You can also take a helping hand of another individual as it can be tough to do the job alone. You the back side is more than to handle cut it with razors.
• Smooth the surface:
You need to carefully install the wall stickers. When you successfully removed the backside and stick the sticker into the wall, smooth the surface with a dry towel.

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